Affordable and premium, washable and disposable, protective and comfortable – Protex™ is a next-generation material for use in medical gowns and other PPE that can be made to fit a multitude of needs, no matter the situation. At any level, Protex™ gowns and protective equipment are reliable, durable, and comfortable – but this unique material provides you more flexibility than cotton or a standard nonwoven. Discover the possibilities of this material – and find out how it can make your medical gowns and PPE safer, more comfortable, and more cost-effective. Read on or reach out to talk about Protex™.

Comfort, Protection, and Convenience: Bitex™ 70

Bitex™ 70 is the flagship material of this line, with the look and feel of cotton from an innovative (and highly protective) nonwoven. A breathable microporous film on the outside provides thorough protection, but the interior layers are what make it such a unique material. Bonded with powder adhesive, the inside layer is spunbond polypropylene – we call it the “comfort layer” for the superior flexibility and feel of the material. The inside feels just like cotton, and the entire assembly breathes wonderfully, yet it provides protection tested to meet AAMI standards. Bitex™ 70, like any Protex™ material, can be cut and configured for use in gowns, caps, shoe covers, and more – providing protection from head to toe.

Standing up to Washing and Reuse

Yes, with the right adhesive, Protex™ can also be configured to endure several washes! Bitex™ 70 was conceived of as a premium alternative to traditional disposable medical gown materials, more breathable with better protection. However, it can be made even more sturdy and economical, withstanding machine washing and ready for reuse. It comes down to our powder adhesive process and our proprietary CLAFⓇ material – a slightly stronger adhesive, as well as a sturdier base mesh are used to create a washable nonwoven gown with heavy tear resistance. Medical PPE in situations like dentists offices, doctors offices, hospitals, or labs can be reused several times – spreading out the initial cost and potentially saving money on disposable gowns.

Premium and Affordable

Protex™ can be custom made to different specifications, and cost-effectiveness is one of them. We also produce a low-cost alternative Protex™ engineered to be highly disposable. Still extremely protective and tough, this product features the same base design, but is created with the most economical materials and production methods available. It’s just another way that we can engineer a solution to fit your goals with Protex™.

Create Your Ideal Medical Gown and PPE Material

Protex™ was designed to be highly configurable and customizable. It comes in a variety of colors, can be built with any number and combination of material layers, and can be engineered to suit your budget. Not only that, but you can have a product to be proud of that’s made in America. Premium quality, guaranteed performance, and trusted supply are the watchwords of ANCI, Inc. and you can depend on consistent quality no matter which of our solutions you rely on. Reach out to our sales team today to discuss your application, and find out what you can do with Protex™.

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