Protex™: Next-Generation Medical Gowns and PPE

Affordable and premium, washable and disposable, protective and comfortable - Protex™ is a next-generation material for use in medical gowns and other PPE that can be made to fit a multitude of needs, no matter the situation. At any level,…

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ANCi Product News

Panaferd’s Effects in Shrimp - Webinar

Director of Aquaculture Natural Solutions Dominique Corlay discusses Panaferd’s effects as a natural supplement and pigment in shrimp, elaborating on…

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Better Nutrition and a Better Life for Your Farmed Salmon

Your salmon is under scrutiny. As a food popular for its flavor, health benefits, and beauty, salmon’s image is tied…

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CLAF® Packaging Case Study: Meet Our 2020 Distinguished Customer, Volm Companies

With 23 years of continual business, it’s not hard to see why we appreciate our 2020 Distinguished Customer: Volm Companies…

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Poly Bags vs All-Mesh - Which is Better for Your Produce?

In the produce aisle, customer attention can be the difference between a sale and a pass on your product. Your…

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Strong, Sturdy, Drainable Housewrap

What if a tear in your housewrap didn’t make the whole thing fall apart? What if you could install your…

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Versatile and Unique - MILIFE® Polyester Nonwoven

Thin, light, with balanced toughness and the appearance of a textile, MILIFE® is a polyester nonwoven that impresses customers and…

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A Customizable Nonwoven; MILIFE® is Perfect for Printing!

Discover the difference a truly customizable nonwoven makes in your product’s presentation! MILIFE® is a unique, nonwoven fabric designed for…

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An Advanced Fabric Substrate - Built by ANCI

Help your customers reduce waste and tackle even their toughest cleaning and disinfecting tasks. Nonwoven fabric substrates with absorbency, durability,…

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