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Our CLAF®, D-NET®, and MiLife® fabrics offer numerous solutions to packaging challenges all over the world. Our products provide packaging properties that translate to value, savings, and better performance.

  • CLAF® processes easily using form/fill/seal, tubing or heat-seal equipment.
  • CLAF® is the optimal packaging mesh design because it is breathable, and processes on packaging equipment like a film.
  • Its structure offers flexibility and reliability in bag design through a combination of strong packaging and attractive designs.
  • CLAF® heat seals easily, allowing for versatility. CLAF® laminates to poly film, paper or itself to create unique combinations for a high-performance packaging product.

ANCI Packaging Solutions Applications

FDA-compliant resin netting used for disposable packaging, bags, and other applications across various industries. 
A 100% polyester fiber nonwoven with a unique appearance, composition, and dimensional stability that can be used for packaging, design, and medical applications. 
Explore what makes CLAF® Bio Fabric™ the biobased open mesh that speaks to increasing consumer demand for more sustainable solutions. 
Suitable for any open mesh packaging application! CLAF® fabric can also be used to reinforce other materials, such as paper, film, foil, nonwovens or foam, to improve performance of a variety of applications. 

End-user benefits

  • Consumers can now purchase goods that last longer. Fruits and produce breathe in CLAF® mesh bags, reducing spoilage.
  • Consumers use one convenient bag - from the store to kitchen - making storage easy and products safer.

Supermarket benefits

  • Supermarkets must offer value and differentiated products to their customers. CLAF® bags - half-mesh and half-film - are an excellent tool for branding a particular name or product.

Producer Benefits

  • Citrus, potato and other produce marketers prefer CLAF® mesh bags because they help distinguish their products on store shelves.
  • CLAF® produce bags are very easy to fill in simple packaging machines. Producers can avoid huge investments in packaging equipment.

CLAF® mesh bags have demonstrated their superior benefits for packing citrus products such as oranges, limes, lemons and grapefruits vs."poly-only" bags.

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