Industry Leading Products from ANCI

We design people-oriented, trustworthy, and socially and environmentally responsible solutions to fill everyday needs – creating innovative products that go above and beyond in every field.


Animal Nutrition

Panaferd® is the natural choice for health and color in aquaculture species and animals by supplying a wide range of super antioxidants and red carotenoids through a fermented additive. Also available for livestock feed applications (chicken, egg, pork) in limited area.

Building Products

ALTA® provides practical answers to tough challenges in the building and construction industry worldwide. ALTA® uses CLAF® fabric as reinforcement in a variety of building and construction-related products, such as housewrap, roofing composites and radiant barriers.

Composites & Converting

Various custom composite materials and converting capabilities that facilitate innovative solutions for a variety of applications.

Packaging Solutions

Our CLAF®, D-NET®, and MiLife® fabrics offer numerous solutions to packaging challenges all over the world. Our products provide packaging properties that translate to value, savings, and better performance.

Personal Protection

Protex™ provides a variety of composite structures focused on high reliability and breathability for protective apparel (gowns, hazmat suits). Unique filter media composite solutions (CFF™ and HPE™) for air and liquid filtration market applications.

Specialty Nonwovens

Our composite films, filtration media, and MILIFE® nonwovens allow for a variety of functional, aesthetic, and industrial applications. Each solution is engineered for reliability; whether as reinforcement, air or water filtration, personal protection, for lamination and bonding, or in any other application.

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