About ANCI

ANCI, Inc. is a company working to better the world with dependable, responsible, human-scale solutions. We create products that enhance and surpass the basic human necessities of food, shelter, and clothing. From distinctive nonwovens and construction materials, to high-quality feed supplements and industrial apparel, everything that we create contributes to the pulse of daily life.

To become the most people-oriented, trustworthy, socially- and environmentally responsible company with best-in-class, innovative products and solutions that go above and beyond the basic human necessities of food, shelter, and clothing.

ANCI History


Establishment of Nisseki Plastics Co., LTD


Started CLAF® production at Narita plant

Amoco Nisseki CLAF Inc.

Establishment of Amoco Nisseki CLAF Inc. (Nisseki Chemical 50%、Amoco 50%)


Started CLAF® production at Roanoke plant


Started MILIFE® production at Narita plant (as Nisseki Chemical Co., LTD)

Atlanta Nisseki CLAF Inc.

Changed the name to “Atlanta Nisseki CLAF Inc.” (Nisseki Chemical 100%)

JX Nippon ANCI, Inc.

Changed Name to JX Nippon ANCI, Inc.


Changed name to ANCI Inc.

We Are ANCI!

ANCI is a subsidiary of Japanese energy corporation ENEOS – dedicated to creating solutions for life that respect and enhance the planet. We manufacture a variety of products to meet this goal, including nonwoven fabrics, industrial apparel for personal protection, house wrap for construction, feed supplements for fish, poultry, and other livestock, and much more. In design and production we work under exacting standards – creating solutions for life that fit myriad needs and meet the highest standards.

Dalton, Georgia Plant

ANCI, Inc.
2871 Five Springs Road
Dalton, GA 30720, USA
Telephone: 706-277-7222
Fax: +1-706-277-7223

Roanoke, Alabama Plant

ANCI, Inc.
1034 Lafayette Highway
Roanoke, AL 36274, USA
Telephone: 334-863-8925
Fax: +1-334-863-8651


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