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ALTA® Housewraps

ALTA® is the only developer of housewrap materials that puts a dependable choice in the hands of builders.

Building Products Composites & Converting

The ALTA® HP, LP, and Commercial housewrap products give builders and architects options when it comes to housewrap needs.

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Let Us Help You Choose The Correct Product for Your Application

ALTA® offers housewraps in a range of moisture vapor transmission rates, exceptional strengths and tear resistances. This way, our customers are able to find the exact material they need for the job; no more and no less. Not only do these wraps protect and preserve any structure – they also fit project budgets.

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Building Products

ALTA® provides practical answers to tough challenges in the building and construction industry worldwide. ALTA® uses CLAF® fabric as reinforcement in a variety of building and construction-related products, such as housewrap, roofing composites and radiant barriers.

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