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CLAF® Bio Fabric™

CLAF® Bio Fabric™ is a fully recyclable, cross laminated open mesh nonwoven made with resins derived from sugarcane.

Packaging Solutions

Biobased Mesh Fabric Certified in the USA and Europe

CLAF® Bio Fabric™ is a USDA Certified Biobased Product, and CLAF® Bio™ is approved by some of Europe’s most widely-trusted environmental agencies. They meet global standards in environmental sustainability, and provide a renewable alternative to petroleum-based open mesh nonwovens.

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Sustainably Made Open Mesh

Consumer demand is rising for environmentally responsible and sustainable products, including packaging materials that are equally eco-friendly. CLAF® Bio Fabric™ is an open mesh nonwoven made with resins derived from renewably sourced sugarcane.

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Packaging Solutions

Our CLAF®, D-NET®, and MiLife® fabrics offer numerous solutions to packaging challenges all over the world. Our products provide packaging properties that translate to value, savings, and better performance.

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