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About ANCI Inc

ANCI, Inc. is dedicated to making the world better with people-oriented, trustworthy, and socially and environmentally responsible solutions. We design innovative products that elevate, enhance, and even surpass the basic human necessities of food, shelter, and clothing. From unique nonwovens and construction materials, to best-in-class feed supplements and industrial apparel, everything that we create contributes to the pulse of daily life. Our products are engineered to exacting standards for superior quality. ANCI, Inc. nonwovens are built for the utmost flexibility in application – while our specialty products are made with unique advantages and features of their own.

CLAF® is an innovative non-woven mesh that provides dimensional stability and high strength reinforcement while maximizing breathability and permeability.

CLAF® Bio Fabric ™ is a sustainable open mesh non-woven made with 96% bio-based raw materials derived from sugarcane.

ANCI Composites are our various custom composite materials and converting capabilities that facilitate innovative solutions for a variety of applications. Milife® is a 100% polyester fiber non-woven with a unique appearance, composition, and dimensional stability that can be used for packaging, design, and medical applications. D-Net® is an FDA-compliant resin netting used for disposable packaging, bags, and other applications across various industries. Our filtrations is a novel and unique composite and converting solutions for air and liquid filtration application.

ALTA® 360 House Wrap products offer a unique multi-directional drainage plane unlike any other with exceptional moisture vapor transmission, strength, and tear resistance.

Panaferd® is the natural choice for health and color in aquaculture species including salmonids and crustaceans by supplying a wide range of super antioxidants and red carotenoids through a naturally fermented additive. Also available for livestock feed applications (chicken, eggs, pork).


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