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Revolutionary 100% polyester nonwoven with a silky surface, and a unique feel and appearance.

Packaging Solutions Specialty Nonwovens Composites & Converting

Versatile expression and unique structure of MILIFE® is best for the applications pursuing visual effects such as interior, decorative packaging, and fabrics..

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MILIFE® Unique Structure

This allows it to be easily customized through a variety of value added processes.
-Dyeing, printing
-Lamination with other materials (paper, film, other nonwovens, etc.)
-Resin impregnation, pleating
-Metallization processing (aluminum evaporation, plating, sputtering)

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MILIFE® comes in multiple varieties consisting of oriented, continuous polyester filaments having a diameter of about 10µm. Microfiber MILIFE® (filament diameter 2.7µm) is also available.

Packaging Solutions

Our CLAF®, D-NET®, and MiLife® fabrics offer numerous solutions to packaging challenges all over the world. Our products provide packaging properties that translate to value, savings, and better performance.

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