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High-end specialty composites that combine breathable and water-resistant materials to comply with the highest levels of FDA and AAMI requirements (Level 3 and 4).

Personal Protection Composites & Converting

Highly breathable water-resistant composite materials for applications in protective apparel (gowns, hazmat suits, shoe covers and hair covers)

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Revolutionary Multi-Layer Protective Apparel

Combining Claf® microporous film and nonwovens to create the most optimum protective apparel solution with superior strength, breathability, and reinforcement. Protex™ Composites are FDA level 3 and level 4 compliant.

Personal Protection

Protex™ provides a variety of composite structures focused on high reliability and breathability for protective apparel (gowns, hazmat suits). Unique filter media composite solutions (CFF™ and HPE™) for air and liquid filtration market applications.

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