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The true scope of application potential for laminated composite films is just now being realized.

Composites & Converting Specialty Nonwovens Personal Protection

ANCI Inc works closely with engineers and industrious thought leaders to develop new products. With these composite materials and converting solutions, the scope of what can be done is almost imperceptible – and we want to work with you to make progress with composites and converting solutions to create new products in the market.


Thermal Lamination

Composites with at least one low melt component

  • High lamination strength, strong
  • No adhesives
  • Smoother surfaces
  • Environmentally friendly
Ultrasonic Lamination
  • Composites of materials with differing melting temperatures
  • All components in composite are thermoplastic
  • Composites with total weight of 4 – 5 opsy
  • No loss of component properties from heat
  • Low to medium bond strength
  • No adhesives
  • Environmentally friendly
Powder Lamination
  • Non-thermoplastic components
  • Cotton, leather, papers
  • Virtually, any combination of non-thermoplastic materials
  • No wet adhesives
  • Environmentally friendly


ANCI composite materials, plastics and films have been used by engineers to develop products for a myriad of different products, including:

  • Padded industrial wrap: a durable fabric layer to protect equipment from abrasion and wear
  • Heater pouch fabric: laminated plastics and adhesives used for heating pre-packaged foods
  • Biodegradable weed block fabric: an alternative to traditional weed block fabric that feeds lawns as it degrades
  • Cut-resistant paper board: calendered polypropylene netting embedded into paperboard to inexpensively increase durability
  • Automobile covers: laminated, breathable membranes that keep water out while remaining incredibly light

Composites & Converting

Various custom composite materials and converting capabilities that facilitate innovative solutions for a variety of applications.

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